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Danny Birt: Home

Latest Updates: Danny's newest bit of writing in app-form has gone live on the Apple iTunes store. "How Did He Die?" is a group of lateral thinking puzzles. Go play here: How Did He Die?

The Laurian Pentology is DONE! Dark Quest Books has completed the series with their publication of "Beginning a Beginning," available on Amazon, here: Beginning a Beginning by Danny Birt and Barnes & Noble here: Beginning a Beginning by Danny Birt.

Welcome to the Official Danny Birt web site. Here you can browse Danny's biographical information, sample music from his CDs, check out the first book in his epic fantasy series Ending an Ending (for free!) and more.

To contact Danny concerning appearances at conventions or festivals, click on "Contact Info" in the navigation bar to your right and email the dates and description of your venue.

Follow Danny on Twitter: @Danny_Birt

(Note: Despite the unusual spelling of his last name, Danny Birt is not to be confused with Danny Brit, freelance editor Daniel Birt, or musician Danny Britt.