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Danny Birt: Books, CDs, & More!

Books and Short Stories

Short Stories by Danny Birt

Can't wait for Danny's next full-length novel? Try some of his short stories!

"Pinkbeard" in the Dragon Moon Press anthology Spells and Swashbucklers

"Stealing the Sky" in the Double Dragon Publishing anthology, Michael Ventrella's Tales of Fortannis
"What Does Luck Taste Like?" in the CWP anthology Time in a Bottle
"Booty Haul" in the Dragon Moon Press anthology Rum and Runestones
"A Spell of Bad Weather" in Black Matrix Publishing's Realms Magazine
"Murphy the Android and His Law" in CWP's Abandoned Towers Magazine
Five 55-Word Fantasy Stories in the CWP anthology Strange Worlds of Lunacy

How Did He Die? - Lateral Thinking Puzzles

HDHD is a group of lateral thinking puzzles: riddle-like games in which you have to figure out how the given scenario happened. Think CSI, House M.D., and such -- except you're the one figuring it out by yes and no questions!
HDHD on iTunes

Between a Roc and a Hard Place

Ending an Ending

Beginning - Second Book of the Laurian Pentology

Beginning an Ending - Third Book of the Laurian Pentology


Danny Birt's Music

Sundry Creative Things